Did you ever feel lonely? Do you miss someone or something in your life? We got you covered!

Urmissed is the first community offering the chance to really reconnect with those you miss and meet new people all in one. Urmissed is easy and funny to use and most of all, it’s there to create a little world made up of connection, sharing and being free to express who you really are.

We are well-aware how today digital era is too demonize from the institutions and the most rooted traditional people but Urmissed is there to prove them wrong. This is more than just a digital experiment being the one big support you need for a more complete and fulfilling life.

You will have the chance to express your feelings about something or someone you missed using this community as a life-savior tool for a free, happy and balanced life.

You can share memories, emotions in a free and easy way. We know how best things are meant to be shared to be beautiful and plus sharing is caring and caring is love!

How to use Urmissed:

Using Urmissed is easy and fun. The big plus? No big deal about difficult procedures to start exploring the community and start being a part of it.

It is basically a 3 step to go structure to start connecting in few secs!

1. Create your profile. You can do this using your email or connecting through your other social networks accounts.

2. Customize it. This is so much fun. You can add pics, writing something about yourself as a little introduction to others and personalize everything you want.

3. Start searching friends and keep things going!

The community is intuitive and created to be as easy as possible for anyone. Even if you are not an expert or a digital pro you may need very little time and effort to embark this wonderful journey made up of people, feelings and experiences to marvel at and share, all in one.

Connectivity today is everything and whatever you want to you can start planting the seed of friendship and relationship everywhere in the world, maybe reconnecting with old friends or getting to know new people and realities to widen your horizon, your growth and mind. This could be the one chance you were waiting for to start something different, to feel comforted and not alone all over your day.

Anywhere, Anytime, and at any device you can have the community in your hands to share everything you want, whenever and wherever you want with just one touch.

Start your life-changing journey right now, sign up and start sharing, connecting and growing up together with us and the rest of the world.

Still in doubt?

Give it a try, register to Urmissed right now and see how it goes. Once you are into it you won’t regret it! Another big plus to give it a try? The community is completely free!

What are you waiting for? Start connecting with us!